Corporate Society Responsibility

  1. Interest-Free Loans for Employees
  2. Grocery Items for Employees In Ramadan
  3. Welfare on the Marriages of Poor & Needy Girls
  4. Aid for Widows
  5. Scholarship for needy but brilliant students of different institutions
  6. Medical Aid for Poor & Needy People
  7. Tsunami Help
  8. Pakistan Earthquake Help
  9. Aid for different institutions (Golf club / Anwar Club / IMAL)
  10. Provision Of laboratory equipment and computers for Govt. Islamiyah Degree College, Sambrial.
  11. Providing funds to SCCI for Child Labor Elimination Program
  12. Providing health Care Medicines and Electric Appliances for the prisoner of the Central Jail Sialkot.

Ethical Responsibility

Ethical responsibilities are responsibilities that a company puts on itself because its owners believe it’s the right thing to do — not because they have an obligation to do so. Ethical responsibilities could include being environmentally friendly, paying fair wages or refusing to do business with oppressive countries. Letci Co. ethical responsibilities are as under:
Letci Co. also rewards their employees in terms of promotion, incentive, payoff depending on the level of the employee and how much they perform their job well.

Philanthropic Social Responsibilities

Business with ethics goes a long way. This is primarily significant for making a brand statement that is targeted towards helping a business to stand out and shine brighter than its competitors. Businesses that return something in any form to society are reputed and appreciated by their target and potential customers. Following the principles of humanity and making an effort to make an organization look enriched with humanitarian grounds, is a great example to pave the way into the hearts of people.